You dirty rotten non-liar!

November 06, 2005  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

It's not too often readers accuse me of not lying, but one has regarding my "Breast Cancer Herceptin Hype" piece.

Dear Michael.

Please tell me what good came out of your column this morning. All you did was take away any hope women had of recovery. Did you give them an alternative to Herceptin?

Will it help them to know they may die? You certainly didn't do anything for their quality of life. All you did was try and be the big shot on the block with news that kills the hope of dying women. You are a grand stander---no one cares that you disclosed information that may or may bit be true. Right now you don't have anything better to offer. Obviously you have never been faced with a life threatening disease yourself, or you would know that hope is sometimes all anyone has. I'm sick for anyone reading your column today. I happen to have a good friend on that new medicine and it has given her hope. Thanks for nothing.


Leominster, Massachusetts