Witch Hunter Caught Dealing with the Devil!

February 02, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

When Business Week's Eamon Javers interviewed me for the piece that led to Scripps Howard cowardly pulling the plug on my column, I offered him a bit of advice which he thought so entertaining he couldn't help but insert it. "We're in a witch-hunting frenzy now but, as after all witch hunts, people do return to their senses and regret the piles of ashes at their feet," I told him. "Often it happened fast enough the witch hunters found themselves tied to the stake."

Well, there's now enough evidence to bring Javers to the stake. And I don't mean using the new rules of journalistic ethics he invented on-the-spot, applied specifically to me, and made retroactive. No, these are the tried and true old rules he violated. As Lisa De Pasquale writes in Human Events,
"If anyone has acted as a corporate shill, it's Eamon Javers himself."

There's more juicy material here, including really nice photos of Javers chumming around with the people he's supposed to be keeping at arm's length--unless it means getting goodies like being a guest at one of America's most exclusive courses. Or do you really think a young journalist can afford a membership? It's literally "pay-for-play."

Meanwhile, I continue to get calls and e-mails from people that Javers is hounding for allegedly unethical practices. All off them are conservative. The MSM will ignore this if we let them. Don't. Get the word out there. Let's tie this witch hunter to the stake. I'll supply the marshmallows.