Advice & Dissent

Wesley J. Smith has a good piece in the Weekly Standard on the "baloney, baloney, and pure baloney" of embryonic stem cell hype, both in terms of progress (or lack thereof) and funding. Writes Smith, "When confronted with these and many other astonishing advances in non-embryonic…Read More
John Hawkins from Right Wing News is polling 50 blogers on who should be Pres. Bush's next Supreme Court nominee. I told him that despite being a lawyer I just don't keep up on these things. That said, I told him, "I do concur with the MSM that what's needed is more diversity. So…Read More
She left a message on the leftist blogsite sniffing, "I am watching CNN and it is 100 percent Rita .... even though it is a little wind and a little rain ... it is bad, but there are other things going on in the country today ... and in the world." Yes, that tiny…Read More
Well, at least that's what Chris Cheronis says in an open letter he sent to me. "My thesis infers that windmills are the principal sic manmade cause of global warming through slowing the long established pre-windmill flow of surface air. Slower winds over oceans retard…Read More
Some months ago Korean researchers claimed to have allowed a paraplegic of 19 years, a 37-year-old woman, to walk again with a treatment that included an injection of umbilical cord stem cells into the injured area. At first I welcomed this development with open arms, then since…Read More