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Street urchins followed us around in packs, begging for "Choccolata" and money. "U.S. number one! George Bush number one! Choccolata?" On safer patrols we do carry and hand out candy, but not on this one. We couldn't afford distractions. So we'd reply "Mokoo choccolata!" No…Read More
The UN has finally admitted the African AIDS epidemic is far less severe than it's been claiming all along. It gives all sorts of wonderful reasons, but strangely enough I've been saying this since my AIDS book came out in 1990 and periodically updating it in my columns. What…Read More
On Wednesday, April 5, I depart for Iraq to become an embedded reporter with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, returning April 26. My sponsoring publication will be the Weekly Standard, but I will be paying all expenses. My station will be Ramadi, in the largest Sunni province…Read More
Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz asks in a piece today: "Have the media declared war on the war?" The answer is yes. Just as they converted the worst communist defeat of Vietnam, the Tet Offensive, into a stunning victory, they are now bound and determined to see the…Read More
I have written repeatedly on how the media have thrown in their lot with embryonic stem cells (ESCs), quite often to the point of simply ignoring advances with adult stem cells while grossly exaggerating "breakthroughs" with ESCs. But this takes the cake. In the Washington Post…Read More