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The vaccine preservative thimerosal has jumped the safety hurdle. Again. So indicates the Sept. 27, 2007 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. But as I write in my TCS Daily piece, "again" is the problem. One huge study after another has cleared thimerosal as a cause of…Read More
In an e-mail from New Zealand with the subject line: "At last," Rex Barron wrote: It's nice to see and hear commonsense at last. I'm referring to your AO Agent Orange articles, of course. I'm a New Zealand soldier (infantry) who served in Vietnam 68-69. It may interest you to…Read More
That's what the open borders folks say. Or is it simply that they'll charge somewhat less, in part because the employer isn't paying his part of Social Security and Medicare and the employee isn't either? A commentary in the Washington Post by Gary Jacobsen may be instructive. In…Read More
Chris Mooney is a left-wing writer who specializes in injecting politics into practically any scientific subject you can name. Mooney could make a case that there would be no cavities but for conservatives and the GOP. His latest book is called Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics…Read More
Somehow I missed it, but a BBC video from June of this year, now available on YouTube, is the most alarmist thing I have seen or read on pandemic avian flu. "If you were a terrorist wanting to design a biologic weapon, you couldn't do better than designing a virus like this…Read More