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To provide necessary perspective on the swine flu, I've noted that in the U.S. for each day of the seasonal flu season there are about 800 hospitalizations and 200 deaths. Worldwide, there about 700 -1,400 seasonal flu deaths spread out over the whole year. But what about the…Read More
The latest WHO update show 15 countries have officially reported 615 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, or 218 outside of Mexico. Yet only Mexicans have died (16 in Mexico, 1 of a Mexican who sought treatment in the U.S.) BUT now there's been a case in Hong Kong, meaning the…Read More
One blog site, Effect Measure, part of a consortium called "Science Blogs," that had long warned of the inevitable utter devastation of pandemic avian flu - and condemned my "rantings that bird flu was a "Chicken Little" story - quickly latched onto swine flu as its substitute…Read More
There's panic in the streets over a flu outbreak. "Projections are that this virus will kill 1 million Americans," the nation's top health official has warned. The virus is swine flu. But the date is 1976. And the projection, it turns out, is off by 999,999 deaths. Direct ones…Read More
Swine flu panic purveyors will surely call me insane, evil, or both for trying to spoil their fun. I haven't looked but I assume they've already started. They will, as always, ignore my track record on heterosexual AIDS, Ebola virus, SARS, and avian flu - the last of which I…Read More