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While researching the World Health Organization's campaign to grotesquely exaggerate the swine flu threat, I came across this little gem from a 1990 edition of the New York Times. "Eight to ten million people around the world are now infected with the virus that causes AIDS, and…Read More
From the CDC: Here we see a graph line of doctor visits for people claiming to have "flu-like" symptoms. It's practically going straight up. But here we see hospitalizations for confirmed cases of influenza broken down by age categories. The lines are essentially flat. Finally…Read More
Gee, and I thought August was supposed to be the slow news month. "Joe Wilson is racist!" Why? Pres. Obama is black. Well, in the U.S. he is. That's a result of slave laws and the so-called "one drop rule." In any other country he'd be called mulatto - as white as he is black…Read More
"U-Md. Reports Dozens of Flu Cases," declared the Washington Post headline. But while the story began, "The University of Maryland has 64 cases of suspected swine flu" it concludes, "The U-Md. health center is not testing students to confirm H1N1 infection, because the course of…Read More
By yet another measure, there's nothing extraordinary about swine flu except the way a virus is being exploited for political reasons and to shore up sagging circulation figures. Just-released CDC figures indicate all of 36 swine flu deaths in children under age five. How does…Read More