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Okay, this time they've gone too far! Now, says the Washington Post, environmentalists are trying to wipe out plush toilet paper! They say that's because plush U.S. toilet paper is usually made from older trees - though not what's defined as "old growth" by any means. And older…Read More
Sorry, nobody's perfect. In a previous blog I stated: Here we see a graph line of doctor visits for people claiming to have "flu-like" symptoms. It's practically going straight up. Right. Then I added, "But here we see hospitalizations for confirmed cases of influenza broken down…Read More
"Mr. Fumento: "Somehow you think you know better than everybody else because of your publications and media appearances. Which he got from my website. I never even heard of you before today. As much as it hurts your incredible ego, neither have the vast majority of people." My…Read More
The current issue of Time magazine informs us Only universal health care - especially as proposed by the Obama administration - could have prevented this catastrophe! Except that probably few of those students actually have the flu, but rather those ubiquitous "flu-like symptoms…Read More
Or so she says in her Newsweek essay "Surviving Swine Flu." And she admits it actually hasn't been diagnosed. But it's definitely swine flu. No doubt she's coughing, sneezing, and has an incredible urge to roll around in the mud. She is, she says, "an early victim of what will…Read More