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There have been many driver claims that they tried using the brakes but it couldn't override the engine at the full throttle into which alleged sudden acceleration had thrown them. Is this true? At some level, it's simple physics. Newton's Second Law is that force equals mass…Read More
This is my blog and I see no reason why it always has to be about political and social issues. So today I address one of my personal favorite issues, beer. Last night I went for my weekly beer and burger at the sports bar with the beautiful bartenders. This time it was Nicole, a…Read More
This was inevitable. CNN reports that one Koua Fong Lee, serving an eight-year prison term for killing three people when his 1996 Toyota smashed into their vehicle, has now decided the car is to blame - and CNN's reporter seems pretty well convinced of it.It's that Toyoda guy's…Read More
Yes, I know I wrote a blog with a similar title but this is new. I previously noted that in December the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that 19 U.S. deaths over the past decade were "associated with" or "linked to" (choose your own terminology…Read More
Actually, the British media are both better and worse than ours. Their tabloids have headlines more hysterical than anything you'll find in ours. But then, Brits tend to realize that and discount accordingly.Whither thou goest! But overall in Britain you're much more likely to…Read More