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Toyota owners, every time there's a new sensationalist headline or a congressman spouts more demagoguery regarding your make of car, the value drops. Last month Kelley Blue Book dropped the resale values of recalled Toyotas twice in just four days, according to AP, leaving them…Read More
I just came across this from a November article in the Los Angeles Times. Richard Schmidt, a former UCLA psychology professor and now an auto industry consultant specializing in human motor skills, said the problem almost always lies with drivers who step on the wrong pedal…Read More
"On the very day Toyota was making a high-profile defense of its cars, one of them was speeding out of control," according to CBS News and a host of other news outlets. "It was a pretty frightening Monday afternoon for a driver in San Diego. The California Highway Patrol said the…Read More
President Obama fully supports expanding the U.S. nuclear-energy industry - or so he'd have us believe. Obama got lots of publicity with his recent promise of more than $8 billion in federal loan guarantees for two Georgia nuclear plants, which would be the first built in more…Read More
Some global warming skeptics have been using the remarkably cold winter and record snowfalls to attack the idea of global warming. Believers are crying foul. "You're confusing weather with climate!" they insist.Yes, global warming does cause cannibalism! And they're right. But…Read More