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What if the Dell and Apple computer companies announced an "ambitious" plan to produce desktops by 2018 that did what computers could do back in 1969? Then why is everybody going gaga over NASA's announcement that it would do the same with lunar landings? And while research that…Read More
You might think so from all the high-fives in the media over a new study in Science magazine that claims, as one headline put it, "Study Links Hurricanes to Global Warming." But people who actually read the Science paper, like Dr. Patrick Michaels, research professor of…Read More
A new study in Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition reports that using ultrasound researchers have found that fetuses appear to cry at 28 weeks, or four weeks into the third trimester. Since the discovery came about just by chance, directed research could…Read More
Just months ago we were being told that because of the Iraq war, the military (especially the Army and Marines) couldn't recruit soldiers for love (of country) or money. In other words, it was yet another reason to insert tail firmly between legs and pull out. Well, last I heard…Read More
In a previous post I included a photo of protesters carrying utterly vile anti-American signs. Curiously, though, some also carried anti-homosexual (or "fag") as it were signs. Didn't know what to make of it. Fortunately, my friend Kevin Gleeson did. Turns out they're a bizzare…Read More