Update on the Band of Brothers and Ramadi

July 13, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Despite MSM-fed rumors to the contrary, there obviously was no Fallujah-style sweep into Ramadi. What did happen was that First Brigade, First Armored Division came to town from Kuwait. They quickly established no fewer than five Forward Operating Bases, which greatly bolsters coalition firepower in the city. Add to this that Iraqi Police are now operating in town and the pressure on the bad guys has definitely increased. The plan is to squeeze the enemy out of town like toothpaste from a tube and despite the tremendous violence I saw there, I believe it will work.

Regarding the 1/506th of the 101st Airborne, they still operate in the Mullaab and OP hotel areas and have enlarged the size of one of them. Attacks on 1/506th patrols are down right now but IED activity is up. Meanwhile, the unit has suffered no new fatalities since I was there. Allah Akbar! I asked if the downturn in fighting perhaps reflected an unwillingness to come out and fight during the dog days of summer (Don't think that because they were raised in it the Iraqis like the heat any more than the Americans; they don't)I was told that was quite possibly the case. So as temperatures begin to cool in September, we may expect hostilities to heat up. As it now stands, I'm planning to return in late September. Inshalla. (God willing.) Meanwhile, here are links to the next-to-last and last "Gunfighter Newsletters" from Cpt. "Crazy" Joe Claburn of C Company. Anyone wishing to send cards, letters, batteries (probably AA and AAA are best), or wet wipes to members of the battalion may do so via Cpt. Claburn. As you can see from his photos, there is no need to send him a comb.

1st Battalion, 506th Infantry
Unit #73700
APO AE 09381