The "microscopic" terror threat

January 05, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Scripps Howard columnist Paul Campos, best known for his columns and book claiming that obesity is actually good for you, is now "weighing in" on terrorism. The University of Colorado law professor labels it a "microscopic risk." Maybe he's looking through the wrong end of the microscope, but he's hardly alone in his sentiments. It's a sad fact that the longer our government keeps us safe, the more cache people like Campos have. It's as if to keep these people out of denial, we need a 9/11 every 9/11. If you'd asked 100 Americans on September 12, 2001 whether we would be free of terrorist attacks at least until 2006, 100 Americans would have declared you nuts. Yet here we are. This is probably the greatest accomplishment of the Bush Administration but because it's a non-happening instead of a happening, nobody notices. What a sad reflection on our society.