Swine flu doomsayers taking a fallback position

September 30, 2009  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

With the faux "pandemic" not panning out, a position I'm seeing more and more among the doomsayers is essentially: "Regardless that swine flu isn't proving worse than seasonal flu, and regardless that it may just be milder than seasonal flu, for some individuals it can be quite bad."

I heard that from a CDC spokesman and you can see it in this New Scientist article, "Don't be fooled: swine flu still poses a deadly threat," which states, "While H1N1 mostly causes mild disease, some people - estimates suggest fewer than 1 per cent - become deathly ill, very fast."

And how does that make it any different from seasonal flu?

What if NHTSA predicted 100,000 traffic fatalities this year instead of about 40,000 and then when fatalities actually started coming in at a rate below even 40,000 declared, "Don't be fooled. Some of those accidents are really severe!" You wouldn't be overly impressed, would you?

Especially telling is The New Scientist quoting an intensive care expert at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. "These were the sickest people I've ever seen," says Anand Kumar.

No, Dr. Kumar, the sickest people you've ever seen are the ones who died.