Stem cell research hate mail (Enjoy!)

July 16, 2009  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Since you are so kinowledgeable about stems and their ineffectivness maybe you should call these company and have them unload the needles as they are loaded and ready for the first injections by many.

A cell is a cell but are usually taken from the own patient or a cadavier
or embryonic say a liver for a liver. Your not going to grow a third eyeball on your testicles when you have testicular cancer.

Pluripont stems or ips is the next generation. Stems have been done arounf the world and effective in many cases. One country who tried to beat the curve, i believe russia tried to rush into stems and caused a massive tumor on a patient.

This is America where we have great scientist and physicians to monitor every microspoic cell implanted.

Your story makes stems sound like some horror story Hitler would have
done in germany to the jews, Oddly one of the major stem players is
out of isreal.

We are not looking at decades for stems to develop as you heard quoted in 1998. The time is now and is here and going into phase 3 recruiting patients. Please reconsider or contact Dr Robert Lanza you will find him at wake forrest or at actc in cambridge,