Senseless scent hate mail

November 20, 2009  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Subject: Where's your scientific backup?

Wendy Webb wrote:

Dear Michael,

How about drinking your bottle of cologne and letting me know how that goes for you? Put your opinion where your mouth is (instead of its current southerly location) and show us all how harmless cologne is and that our fears are baseless. Harvard will be particularly interested in your discovery that perfume holds no danger. They can then remove the statement "Just two ounces of perfume can cause severe poisoning in a young child." from their website. If a couple ounces of your favorite smelly fluid can kill a human - then please explain how it is unbelievable that it can make other humans sick from exposure. Are you just a bit slow or are your articles funded by those who profit from your lies?

In all truth - I wish you were correct and that perfumes/fragrances were safe for all to use and be exposed to. Start talking to people you know and believe in Michael . . . I bet you'll find a few who have had reactions or know someone who does. Know anyone that works in a hospital? Talk to them, they may have some information for you too. And be careful about the karma you invite . . . the universe has a wicked sense (or scents) of humor and you may one day find yourself the sickened victim of a perfume bomb.Say hello to Karma! (Actually my wife.)

Good luck with that!


Dear Wendy:

Can you not distinguish between modes of exposure, namely drinking versus smelling. Personally, I don't like the smell of feces but I'd certainly rather smell it than consume it. Or to put it into toxicological form, I wouldn't mind dabbing a little cyanide behind my ears and on my wrist - though I dare say it would do nothing to attract the fair sex. But I wouldn't drink cyanide. Likewise you could hold plutonium in your hand and it would be harmless. You could eat it and it would be harmless. But inhale it and you're asking for lung cancer. It speaks not well of you that you don't understand this.

As for inviting Karma, I already have. She's coming for dinner tonight and I really don't care what you have to say about that either.