My Wkly Std cover story on "New Band of Brothers" posted

June 14, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Want the real deal on what's happening in Ramadi, the most terror-infested city in Iraq and "the graveyard of the Americans," as graffiti around town declare? It's in my new article "The New Band of Brothers: With the 101st Airborne in Ramadi." It includes lots of my photos and (in a first for me) streaming video. There's footage of two firefights, a near-sniping, and the horrific "Ramadi Run." If you hate me, it's all the more reason to read it since you'll enjoy watching me be shot at. Here's a sample.

If you're not donning body armor and a helmet halfway through the piece, I'll double your money back!