It's more or less official: The mainstream media have sided with the enemy

March 27, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz asks in a piece today: "Have the media declared war on the war?" The answer is yes. Just as they converted the worst communist defeat of Vietnam, the Tet Offensive, into a stunning victory, they are now bound and determined to see the terrorists rule Iraq. "What is undeniable is that the tone of much of the coverage matches the public-opinion polls showing that a majority of the country has turned against the conflict," Kurtz writes, leaving out an alternative. Namely, with U.S. losses running at half the rate of last year and more and more of the country being turned over to the Iraqi Security Forces, maybe the public-opinion polls are matching the coverage.

Nevertheless, Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter told Kurtz it's unfair to say journalists have turned against the war. "You can find tough-minded stories in a lot of newspapers and magazines going back three years," he says. "It does a disservice to hardworking reporters, in some cases risking their lives, to make it seem like in one week they go from pro-war to antiwar." In other words, reporters are off the hook if they were against the war all along! Thanks for that nasty look inside the mind of a terrorist-supporter, Jonathan. Maybe you also get your rocks off by watching Al Queda in Iraq behead it's kidnap victims, but personally I don't want to hear about it.