Fumento Needs Patron Support

April 22, 2010  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

I've provided a unique and valuable service for almost a quarter century. Nobody else does what I do. But if I'm to continue, I must receive substantial patron support. Without it, and soon, the pipeline goes dry.

Ever since my debunking of the 'heterosexual AIDS explosion' in 1987, I have repeatedly stood entirely or almost entirely alone among journalists and scholars in reporting the truth on a wide range of hugely important topics. Yet I've consistently been proved right while those who were wrong shamelessly moved on to misrepresenting the next big story.

I debunked both major hoaxes of 2009 and of 2010, the alleged "" and the "runaway Prius." I'll soon do the same for the entire Toyota witch hunt. I have "a knack," as Publisher's Weekly put it, "for debunking popular beliefs and revealing the true state of things." I've brought hysterias to a screeching halt, calming terrified people and saving massive amounts of taxpayer dollars. Here's a list of some of my exposes.

Since I began writing under the name of the Independent Journalism Project in mid-June, I have placed over three dozen heavily-researched, original pieces on major topics in publications like the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes Online, Investor's Business Daily, NRO, the New York Post, and newspapers around the world.

But these publications pay anywhere from almost nothing to nothing, yet they're my total income. I could triple my wages flipping burgers. And no, I can't make ends meet by writing a book because heavily-researched books such as mine also pay well below minimum wage, To the contrary, I have two very important books in me that will never see print if I don't get support.

On the whole, I've published over 800 articles and columns (virtually all on my Web site), five heavily annotated-books (four with major publishers), several book chapters, two monographs, and uncounted white papers. I also blog prolifically on a broad range of subjects.

An objective measurement of my impact includes Amazon.com citations, Google Scholar mentions, and overall search engine hits on Yahoo! I have, respectively: 360, 900, and 1.8 million.

Insofar as William Shakespeare made virtually nothing from his work and therefore relied on patronage, I'm in good company. Ultimately, nobody in public policy gets by without some form of patron support. Ultimately, no plant produces fruit for long without sustenance. If I cannot get that sustenance working for the public, I'll have to get it from private industry.

And by the way, if you're thinking, "Surely somebody else will provide it!" Well, guess what? That's exactly what they're thinking!

My unique abilities should stay in the public domain. I'm making a difference in the world and you can make a difference through me. Learn more here about what you and I can accomplish together.