Does racism really cause breast cancer?

July 16, 2007  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

"Breast Cancer Link to Racial Discrimination." No doubt that Reuters headline, and others like it, pleased race-baiters who would have us think every problem blacks have is due to persistent prejudice. Sadly for them, as I write in The American Spectator Online, the report is politically correct trash that any conscientious landfill would reject.

Yes, statistically it's a bunch of hooey, as you might guess. But here's just a bit of interesting data that blows it to bits that would have taken any decent reporter a couple of minutes to find.
Breast cancer rates are much lower for black women than white women. According to the National Institutes for Health, for the latest year for which data are available black women have only 84 percent the rate of breast cancer as non-Hispanic white women.

Asians, incidentally, have 68 percent the rate of whites and Hispanics 62 percent. Now here's the real stunner. American Indians, plagued by the inherent discrimination of the horrendous reservation system, have less than half the breast cancer rate of non-Hispanic whites.

The obvious conclusion: Reverse discrimination causes breast cancer.

(Yeah, I'm just kidding.)