Do illegal immigrants really do the jobs legals WON'T?

October 08, 2007  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

That's what the open borders folks say. Or is it simply that they'll charge somewhat less, in part because the employer isn't paying his part of Social Security and Medicare and the employee isn't either? A commentary in the Washington Post by Gary Jacobsen may be instructive.

In it, Jacobsen relates that he owns two homes, one to live in and one to let. The one he lets "was going to need a lot of work before a new tenant could move in." So he "arranged for a contractor from Manassas (Virginia) to walk through the house . . . . He estimated the cost of painting five rooms would be $500. That, of course, included the paint. Power-washing the rear deck would cost another $100, and trimming bushes and other yard work would cost $80. Total cost of repairs: about $700 . . . "

Now, if you live in his area, and I more or less do, you know he was getting a hell of a deal. And owning two homes, he wasn't bordering on being impoverished. Nevertheless . . .

"I decided there had to be a better (read: cheaper) way."

So he drove to a 7-Eleven parking lot and hired two men who could only speak Spanish. It ended up that "my total expense for the day was $295. It was a bargain."

End of his story.

End of story.