Beautifully said (from a soldier's wife)

August 17, 2005  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Dear Mr. Fumento,

Thank you for your column in the August 8, 2005 edition of the Press Journal (Vero Beach, FL). As my husband makes his way to Afghanistan, we have two very close friends and a nephew that have returned from Iraq.

It pains me to read the paper and see the negativity imposed by the media (and now the TV show "Over There"). I thought being a journalist meant reporting the news in an unbiased forum. All I can see is Bush bashing and disrespect to all of the families who have loved ones over there or loved ones who have died. There is no better way to make a family feel worse then they already do when their loved has died then to tell them and the public, over and over again, what a waste, through a medium such as the media. I actually do not read/watch anything to do with Iraq or Afghanistan on purpose because I know better. I know why we are over there. I, along with my four children, support my husband and respect the reason(s) he is there. Do we like it? No. Are we concerned for his safety? Absolutely, everyday. But I would never tell him I do not believe in what he is doing or what this country is doing. That is un-American. Can you imagine if they were journalist for those countries? How many do you think would be causalities for speaking out against their government? It is amazing, when in the comfort of our home, behind our high speed internets, cell phones, blackberries, etc, that we forget why we can have such a strong opinion and print it in a newspaper for all to see. You know better than anyone, the deplorable conditions the soldiers are faced with on a daily basis. Do they actually think that spewing negativity is going to make them come home faster? All it will do is show terrorists that America does not back up its President or the men and women serving or those who have died. In the mind of a terrorist that may mean there are "Americans who do not believe in their government, lets attack again and make them hate their government more to put pressure on the President to pull out". Am I the only who sees that? Clearly not and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Trish Walsh

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