Advice & Dissent: 2010

On YouTube you can view a news report regarding the Prius alleged runaway hysteria incident, complete with an excerpt from the 911 call James Sikes placed. "It must have been absolutely terrifying," says the news anchor at the end. And that's certainly the way the media have…Read More
Neil Cavuto, 6:20, Fox Business, regarding my Forbes Online pieceRead More
Yes, you suspected it all along. Now I've proved it. Mr. Sikes's wild ride was a fabrication."Everything I'm telling you is a lie, but I've got you eating out of my hand!" The only reason his accelerator was stuck was because the was a size 10 on it. I've nailed him on all counts…Read More
I was on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox Business for five minutes yesterday regarding the Toyota Prius hoax. Personally I refuse to look at it because I HATE watching myself on TV. But I can't deny others the right. Once you've seen the video clip, read the article! THEN while on my…Read More
No guarantees! Starts at 7AM EST. Regarding my Forbes expose on the Prius Balloon Boy, James Sikes.Read More
As I reported in Forbes Online on Friday, and am scheduled to discuss tomorrow on NBC's Today Show, the Balloon Boy in a Prius incident was baloney from beginning to end. Now a congressional memo available in its entirety online has provided further substantiation based on an…Read More
The media are still resisting admitting that James Sikes's Wild Ride was just another Balloon Boy Hoax, in which they played a vital role. Thus the Washington Post today states, "Sikes said he tried to free his gas pedal with his hand but did not say whether he put the car in…Read More
"No other country in the world has comparable problems with cars accelerating on their own," observes one of Germany's top magazines, Der Spiegel - yet "the same cars exist around the world, but no accidents of this type have occurred anywhere outside of North America. There were…Read More
This blog titled "Toyota Crash Victim Speaks Out Against Media Smearing Automaker" exploits my cache as a victim of a REAL Toyota defect, which I detailed in my Los Angeles Times piece "Toyota Hysteria." (The inset photo is of my Toyota MR2 after a problem with the rear end…Read More
The Washington Post has kicked off its annual "Beer Madness" tournament. Be sure to view all the sections. It starts with 64 beers in four categories and then they're played off of each other like it's NCAA basketball. This year for the first time they've opened it to foreign…Read More