Advice & Dissent: 2010

Everything I write that I plan to place in a publication I first run past my best friend Matt, a truly gifted editor. One of his special "talents" in my case, though, is that he has no great expertise in science or health or really any of the topics I write about. Therefore…Read More
A Washington Post A1 article, "Alternatives to BPA containers not easy for U.S. foodmakers to find," makes the case very nicely. The plastic hardening ingredient bisphenol A (BPA) in the epoxy lining of cans does a terrific job in preserving foods and it's clear that despite the…Read More
You don't need to look for ulterior motives in the government attacks on Toyota, which include not just the current congressional hearings but such things as Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's warning that anyone who owns a recalled Toyota should "stop driving it." After all…Read More
I was having extreme itching in my toes that I've never experienced before. I reconstructed the circumstances under which it arose, plugged them in, and out popped this. (See inset for a somewhat worse case than I have.) Chilblains is a perfect fit. Hits me after I exercise…Read More
It's not exactly a novel observation that people under duress often make false confessions. They say what they think they're supposed to say.Lack of quality control? During congressional hearings yesterday, which some have likened to a witch hunt, Toyota President Akio Toyoda…Read More
Toyota stands accused of 34 sudden acceleration incidents over the last 10 years that are "linked to" or "associated" with fatalities, a figure that in just the last few weeks has jumped from 19. About 2,000 Toyota owners in that decade filed complaints with the National Highway…Read More
The answer to the problem of Toyotas running amok, says Ralph Nader in a Los Angeles Times op-ed today?Cute at any speed Choose one response: More regulation. More regulation. More regulation. All of the above. He observes that the budget of the National Highway Traffic and…Read More
Yes, I know I wrote a blog with a similar title but this is new. I previously noted that in December the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that 19 U.S. deaths over the past decade were "associated with" or "linked to" (choose your own terminology…Read More
Actually, the British media are both better and worse than ours. Their tabloids have headlines more hysterical than anything you'll find in ours. But then, Brits tend to realize that and discount accordingly.Whither thou goest! But overall in Britain you're much more likely to…Read More