Advice & Dissent: 2010

There has been no global warming for a long time, as I wrote recently in Forbes Online ("Show Me the Warming," Nov. 30, 2009). I noted that Kevin Trenberth, a lead author of the warmist bible, the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report - told Congress two…Read More
In a provocatively entitled paper in the current issue of the prestigious journal Toxicological Sciences, Richard M. Sharpe asks "Is It Time to End Concerns over the Estrogenic Effects of Bisphenol A?" In a word, "yes." Bisphenol A, or BPA, is an incredibly valuable chemical…Read More
I've been writing about the ethanol scam since before you were born - well, if you were born after 1987 at least. I need to stop, because the more I write the bigger and richer the industry gets and more the rest of us pay the price.Yes, we've been hearing it for three decades…Read More
About 57 million Americans, or something less than a fifth of the population, have contracted swine flu since April, the CDC says, of whom it estimates about 11,690 have died.Nostradamus Never mind that data from other countries like France and Japan indicate the ratio of deaths…Read More
From the very top of the earth to the bottom, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just can't get it right. I recently wrote of how the panel's latest (2007) report, the one that split the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, was finally caught on what was an…Read More
Predictably, in the wake of the media blitz about the alleged dangers of Toyotas suddenly accelerating, reports of fatalities linked (note: not "caused by") such incidents has shot up. Thank God trial lawyers keep us safe! In December the figure stood at 19, and then in January…Read More
Obama has done something right concerning nuclear energy; credit where credit's due. But he also did something very wrong, which we'll get to. The president has promised $8.33 billion in federal loan guarantees for a pair of Georgia nuclear reactors, saying it would give new life…Read More
But now the truth is coming out. One fact is that there has been no statistically significant warming for quite awhile. The other is that temperatures in the Middle Ages, at the very least in the northern hemisphere, were considerably warmer than they are now. (See inset…Read More
Columnist George Will notes that Sarah Palin is "obsessively discussed as a possible candidate in 2012," both by liberal and conservatives, but because she has stirred the imagination of the populist movement on the right - which in turn stirs reaction on the left. Yet in…Read More
Eugene Robinson in today's Washington Post protests that global warming skeptics are using the current (though very long) cold snap in the mid-Atlantic region, which encompasses the nation's capital, to confuse weather - a short-term phenomenon - with climate.Proof of global…Read More