Advice & Dissent: 2010

I need a volunteer to scroll through a section of NHTSA complaints to come up with about 100 truly bizarre ones. I'll send the file in Excel format, which can be read in Excel, Apple's spreadsheets, or in Open Office which is free. I'll give more guidance on what I'm looking for…Read More
I can't count how many people sent me items about how NHTSA says the whole Toyota Tempest has now been determined by the government to have been driver error. Hallelujah! Case closed! Wrong. The ruckus began with a Wall Street Journal pieces with the unfortunately ambiguous…Read More
In the Toyota witch hunt, nothing has been more damning than those deaths we're told Toyota sudden acceleration "allegedly caused" or, depending on whom you read, DID cause. As I note in my just-published Forbes magazine article, "93 and Counting," the National Highway Traffic…Read More
It's a tort reform advocate's dream - meaning a defendant's worst nightmare. As I write in my article "California Trial Lawyers Find A Geezer Goldmine," the class action suit was based entirely on wording so tortuous that the nine members of the Supreme Court would…Read More
I'm scheduled to be the lead guest on Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Channel at 6pm tonight. Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum, da-dum . . . Subject: The news that NHTSA is withholding exculpatory evidence regarding "alleged death" Toyota sudden acceleration accidents. And perhaps the…Read More
The "Toyota defense" just sprung a killer from prison. Ironically, it did so just days after a whistleblower revealed that the government is sitting on powerful evidence undercutting the whole "the throttle made me do it" excuse.Javis Adams Jr. As I write in the New York Post…Read More
Hallelujah, the disaster has been averted! The World Health Organization last week declared the H1N1 swine flu pandemic over. Except for one little thing: It never happened. That is, as I write in today's Philly Inquirer, the WHO had no business labeling it a "pandemic." It did…Read More
Medicare is speeding toward insolvency , and only major fundamental changes can save it. But beware the "tweakers" - those who say that little things can add up to a lot. Usually what they're pushing is of little benefit to Medicare, but of much benefit to them.Medicare's…Read More
What state ranks third in unemployment, second in foreclosures, has the nation's worst credit rating, is running a $19 billion deficit - yet insists on spending billions on a greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan that can't possibly impact global warming?"Hasta la vista to a…Read More
Throughout the phony flu pandemic I warned that health officials would lose credibility because basically everything they were telling us was false and, unlike with some phony predictions which are safely years away, these quickly be shown false. Turns out I was right - depending…Read More