Advice & Dissent: 2009

"Twenty-one thousand college students are sick," begins a Fox online news report titled: "H1N1 Picks Up Steam One Week Before Vaccine Becomes Available." Wow! That's a lot of sick kids! Tell us more!Read More
With the faux "pandemic" not panning out, a position I'm seeing more and more among the doomsayers is essentially: "Regardless that swine flu isn't proving worse than seasonal flu, and regardless that it may just be milder than seasonal flu, for some individuals it can be quite…Read More
"I remember the importance of toilet paper while being shelled a few times, a couple of times while on the throne. I don't understand why they can't do re-cycled AND fluffy. Why are they exclusive?" 122 mm shellOne 122 mm mortar round can ruin that beautiful experience on the…Read More
Flies fed an "anti-Atkins" low protein diet live longer because their mitochondria function better, according to a new study at the Buck Institute for Age Research.The work calls into question the health benefits of high-protein diets such as Atkins and others that people often…Read More
Six months into the swine flu outbreak China, with a population of over 1.3 billion or a fifth of the word's population, has just reported its first swine flu death? According to the WHO, 250,000 - 500,000 people worldwide die of seasonal flu each year. Do the math for yourself…Read More
Sorta depends on who you ask. The read about the flu in the mainstream media, you would think men are going through the streets with carts calling "Bring out your dead." But to look at the statistics, there's not even an epidemic yet. Read my article in the New York Post. "Swine…Read More
See instead my article "Swine Flu: the Real Threat Is Panic," from the New York Post.Read More
Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, granting that swine flu "has proven to be relatively mild so far," nevertheless says it shows how poor many aspects of our public health care system are. The answer: Support Obamacare legislation and throw money at the problem. "The good…Read More
As evidence continues to mount that swine flu is more of a piglet than a raging razorback, why isn't curiosity mounting as to why the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic? And definitions aside, why does the agency continue to insist we're going to get hammered? As I…Read More
I bent G. Gordon Liddy's ears back today on his radio show (easy to find them, given his lack of hair) on my current crusade to get people to understand that it's not just that the risk of swine flu has been exaggerated but that it's being exaggerated for political reasons. Even…Read More