Advice & Dissent: 2009

"Swine flu has killed 540 kids, sickened 22 million Americans," screamed USA Today’s page 1 headline, sub-headed "CDC: Cases, Deaths are Unprecedented." Swine flu cases in the U.S. are rising at the fastest pace for influenza in four decades," breathlessly declares a Bloomberg…Read More
Subject: Where's your scientific backup? Wendy Webb wrote: Dear Michael, How about drinking your bottle of cologne and letting me know how that goes for you? Put your opinion where your mouth is (instead of its current southerly location) and show us all how harmless cologne is…Read More
"Climatologists baffled by Global Warming Time-Out" declares the headline in Germany's Spiegel Online. "Global warming appears to have stalled. Climatologists are puzzled as to why average global temperatures have stopped rising over the last 10 years. Some attribute the trend to…Read More
- Kevin Trenberth, head of the Climate Analysis Section at the Colorado-based National Center for Atmospheric Research and a lead author of the warmist bible, the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, congressional testimony of February 2007. "We can't…Read More
From an unpublished letter to the editor of the Washington Post. "Panic is what we want," declared Anne Applebaum of the swine flu in the Post Opinion pages in May. "Panic is good." The next month John Barry told Opinion readers to expect "89,000 to 207,000" swine flu deaths. In…Read More
Whoa! Did we just have a hurricane season? Doesn't seem that way. "2009 hurricane season ends quietly with fewest storms since 1997," declares one headline. "The season featured nine named storms, the fewest since 1997, and for the first time since 2006 no hurricanes made…Read More
After playing a news clip stating, "University scientists say raw data from the 1980s was thrown out" Daily Show host Jon Stewart declared, "Why would you throw out raw data from the '80s? I still have Penthouses from the '70s! Laminated!"Read More
From the thousands of email and other documents that comprise "Climategate," this is one of the most interesting: It's a "travesty" that "we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment." (Emphasis added.) Further, "any consideration of geoengineering is quite hopeless as…Read More
Mr. Fumento, I read your articles religiously. You recently attacked swine flu as hysterical overreaction. It regards swine flu hospitalizations hitting a new high in California. What is your opinion on this? This was the second wave, remember? It was predictable because the…Read More
The folks who dubbed the swine flu piglet a pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO), just won't let up. "It is too early to say whether there has yet been a peak in infections in the northern hemisphere," Reuters paraphrased the WHO as saying, "and it will be some weeks…Read More