Advice & Dissent: 2007

As a rule I find tattoos and body-piercing (ears on women aside) to be ugly. But this is pretty darned impressive. This had nothing to do with the incident that took Monsoor's life and made him a candidate for the Medal of Honor, when he threw himself on a grenade to save three…Read More
Christopher Reeve supported ESC research because he thought it would help him, not future generations. Likewise for such influential advocates as Michael J. Fox and Michael Kinsley. But while there are over 70 treatments or cures with adult stem cells and about 1,300 clinical…Read More
Is it time to negotiate with the Taliban? Pakistani strongman Pervez Musharraf cut a deal with the Afghan extremists last fall, allowing them to flourish safely in his nation's Waziristan province. Then-Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist said in October that we must "assimilate…Read More
I personally have repeatedly scored the MSM for wanting to write about nothing but The Car Bomb of the Day and ignoring hearts-and-minds projects. Now I realize that while the MSM still deserve scorn, perhaps things aren't quite as black and white as I thought. In preparing my…Read More
As the months go by the chances of an avian flu pandemic diminish, as does the potential severity if there is such a pandemic. Among recent developments: The FDA has approved the Sanofi-Aventis H5N1 avian flu vaccine. It is not as effective as seasonal flu vaccines; moreover, two…Read More
Weekly Standard Afghan CoverAs I relate in my piece "The Other War" in the new issue of The Weekly Standard, wherever I was in Afghanistan I heard the same refrain: "This war is winnable." Implicit is that it's also losable; but what they really mean is winnable in comparison to…Read More
Blackfive blogs that on July 28, 2007 there will be a 5 K Run "Heroes Run" in honor of Cpt. Travis Patriquin, Maj. Megan McClung, and Spc. Vincent Pomante, all KIA Ramadi Dec. 6 of last year. To be held in Lockport, Ill., it will benefit the Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Fund…Read More
My unpublished letter to the Washington Post: "Scientists Use Skin To Create Embryonic Stem Cells," reads the p. A1 article by Rick Weiss in the June 7, 2007 Post, sub-headed "Discovery Could Recast Debate." Discovery? Then what of another Post A1 article by Rick Weiss titled…Read More
In my Weekly Standard article, "The Other War," I wrote that only six NATO countries authorized their forces to fight. That's as opposed to ground forces that may find themselves on the defensive. It turns out that I should have listed a seventh, Denmark. Reader Mark Collins sent…Read More
I just came across a letter to the National Post from the ambassadors of France, Spain, and Germany protesting an article of mine from March 22, 2007, but it repeats a theme I've re-emphasized quite recently. With the sole exception of the UK none of the major NATO nations will…Read More