Advice & Dissent: 2006

The Marines have put together a lovely and fitting 5-minute video tribute to Maj. Megan McClung, who died from an IED explosion in Ramadi on Dec. 6. There are also short clips of Capt. Travis Patriquin and Spec. Vincent Pomante, both of whom died with her. Said one Marine of…Read More
Maj. Megan McClung will be interred on Tues. 19 Dec. at 0830 at Arlington Cemetery. If you wish to attend, be at the Administration Building at 0800. Directions to the cemetery Map showing parking and Administrative Building Broader Interactive Map I have no new information on…Read More
Feathers flew in November of last year when the Weekly Standard ran as its cover piece my article, Fuss and Feathers: Pandemic Panic over the Avian Flu. My favorite question during a TV appearance: "Mr. Fumento, why are you the only one saying these things?" My answer: "I'm…Read More
According to Lt. Col. Bryan F. Salas, head of public affairs for Multi National Force -- West, "They Maj. Megan McClung et al. had dropped off FOX and were heading to another location with Newsweek." "FOX" means Lt. Col. Oliver North and his camera crew. I have yet to find any…Read More
As it happens, in a syndicated column Oliver North did mention Maj. McClung although he couldn't use her name yet pending notification of kin. Remarkably, there is no mention that she was killed accompanying he and his crew. "A proffered hot cup of coffee was gratefully accepted…Read More
You don't need photos to picture the procession of white horses drawing the open wagon carrying the flag-covered casket; the removal of the casket and placement next to the grave, the moment of silence; taps; then the three-volley salute. Then came the expert withdrawal and…Read More
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has analyzed the video I brought back from Ramadi and posted (in part on my website, in full elsewhere) showing the jihadist attack on OP Hotel, now called "the Ramadi Inn." They claim it actually shows explosions from three…Read More
According to Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Ron Clark: "Paul's efforts as our XO contributed directly to the success of our battalion in combat and saved the lives of our Soldiers in Ramadi. Paul was an outstanding officer and an even better husband and father." Adds Clark: He was…Read More
This hasn't been a good year for "America's Sweetheart." In one recent setback, in which she acted as plaintiff, she sued 31 hospitals she claimed were making unfair claims against Medicare. Her payoff would have been tremendous. But two separate judges tossed out all 31 cases…Read More