Advice & Dissent: 2005

In a demonstration I observed in McPherson Square today that comprised about 100 individuals (and that organizers will claim comprised a million) I saw signs reading: "Bigotry causes AIDS." As a health writer I feel quite foolish because I always thought that it was a virus, one…Read More
According to today's International Herald Tribune, "Nearly 400 people have been detained for rioting, but few have been jailed; many of the rioters are teenagers, and the vast majority of underage detainees have been released." Nifty! Shoot a cop, wear cuffs for an hour, and then…Read More
Michelle Malkin, a.k.a., "a know-nothing, empty-headed pseudo-intellectual who gets aroused by the smell of totalitarianism," according to one of her politer critics, has just produced one funny yet poignant book: Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild. She did make at least one…Read More
In the wake of three studies published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, news outlets around the world pronounced the highly-expensive drug Herceptin to be literally a "cure" for breast cancer. As I pointed out in my column last week, for about three-fourths of…Read More
"Fuss and Feathers: Pandemic Panic over the Avian Flu Threat" will be the cover of the Weekly Standard on November 14. When I found that out last week I wrote to my editor and asked him, "If it turns out I'm wrong and we all die of flu before the piece comes out do I still get a…Read More
It's becoming old hat that infusions of stem cells from marrow rebuild both heart tissue and vessels after coronaries, something once thought impossible. But a large new German study considered what would happen if the marrow cells were administered shortly after the heart attack…Read More
Here we go again. It's not enough that every time we bomb a terrorist safe house we're accused of killing 40 civilians but missing the terrorists. (Why is it always 40?) Then we're told we must turn both Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo into facilities fit for Martha Stewart. Now the…Read More
In what appears to be a desperate effort to provide material for a second Michelle Malkin book on the Unhinged left just weeks after the first was published, the moonbats are coming out of the woodwork to attack her on absolutely any grounds other than the accuracy and relevance…Read More
Everybody's talking about it, but nobody in public at least seems to realize how exquisite a maneuver drawing down U.S forces in Iraq is unless you just want to cut and run and let the country collapse as Pennsylvania Dem. John Murtha does. It isn't a simple mathematical formula…Read More
After the Volokh Conspiracy posted my Weekly Standard avian flu piece, one commentor remarked: "Fumento is smart, but he's a contrarian by profession and I think that might affect his objectivity." Yes, I was indeed contrarian when we were told "Now No One Is Safe from AIDS…Read More