Apparently there's Really No Such Thing as "Self-Evident"

September 05, 2005  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

In response to your Fallujah article, here is an excerpt from Kevin Drum's blog in the Atlantic Monthly.

[313 words omitted regarding reporting by Knight Ridder's Tom Lasseter.]

If Lasseter is right, and he obviously has the street credentials to be taken seriously on this, Anbar is about as bad now as it was before last November's offensive; no one has much hope that it can be pacified; and the troops themselves now routinely think of Iraq as another Vietnam. If this is the way the military feels, is it any wonder that reporting from Iraq has taken on a distinctly defeatist tone?

Cat In The Hat

Dear Cat:

Lasseter has told us nothing about Iraq and everything about Knight-Ridder, that it deserves its reputation as the American Al Jazeera. If "Anbar is about as bad now as it was before last November's offensive" then when I walked down its streets I would have been kidnapped, had my head sawed off with a dull knife, and been available as a video download for ghouls. Insofar as I'm typing this to you, you may presume that did not happen and that therefore Lasseter was not telling the truth. For my part, I have little trouble believing my own eyes and experiences rather than the agit-prop of a pathetic "news" agency that went absolutely bonkers after one of its own columnists, Mark Yost, dared claim that K-R was deliberately obscuring progress in Iraq.

Michael Fumento

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