Another journalist shot in Ramadi (And why are you reading it here first?)

September 14, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Shortly before I arrived in Ramadi in April, photographer Toby Morris was shot by a sniper in both legs as he stood in the middle of the street to take a photo. Now Joe Talley of TA Productions has been shot through the ribcage with the round popping out his chest. Fortunately, medics were able to save his life and he's now recuperating at Landstuhl, Germany. Since neither journalist worked for a major network or newsmagazine, their injuries don't count to the MSM. In any case, they went unreported. The non-coverage reflects the arrogance of the Baghdad press corps of which I've complained, which pretends that the most dangerous place in all of Iraq is a hotel and the second most dangerous place is "Route Irish" from the airport into the city. Never mind that no American reporter has ever been killed in a Baghdad hotel or on Route Irish, nor that Route Irish despite still being called "The Highway of Death" is far safer than it used to be, or that taking a helo or the armored "Rhino" bus drops your odds of being killed or hurt to virtually zero. If you're going to cover a war from a hotel, as indeed Time Magazine's entire cover-story "investigation" on Haditha was conducted by emails from Baghdad, you've got to be able to pour on the BS nice and thick.