Amazing offer! PR firm gives 18 holes of golf at top course to ALL reporters!

February 15, 2006  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Writing in Human Events, Lisa De Pasquale exposed the cozy relationship between Eamon Javers, Business Week's Washington correspondent, and PR firms whose clients Javers not only wrote about but praised to high heaven. In the one instance we know of, the DC firm Patton Boggs and others invited Javers to play on the highly exclusive Bretton Woods golf course. I would guess that the value of this gift would be in excess of $10,000. This could be considered unsavory in itself, but is all the more so in that Javers has made himself Witch Hunter General in digging up dirt (or inventing it, when "necessary") on conservative writers to strip away their jobs, their columns, or at the very least inhibit their think tank employers from accepting corporate support. He zapped me for not disclosing in a 2006 column that I received a 1999 book grant through my employer.

After De Pasquale's piece appeared, Patton Boggs called her and, as Gomer Pile would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" They didn't like it. Brian Hale from the media department insisted to De Pasquale that "Javers receives the same amount of attention as any other reporter that calls us." To this she commented in a subsequent piece, "That may come as a surprise to those who weren't invited for a round of '18 holes of networking, schmoozing, and networking' at the Bretton Woods golf course" as Javers was. She said, "Hale also stressed that Javers hasn't contacted Patton Boggs more than twice in the last 22 months," which leaves wide open the question as to whether they contacted him!

Concludes De Pasquale, "It's outrageous that Business Week doesn't hold its writers to one-tenth of the "journalistic integrity" it demands of conservative writers whose names it drags through the mud. Javers' charges against conservative writers are completely bogus whereas the connection between Javers and Patton Boggs is a hole-in-one."

To be sure, Lisa. But that which the MSM ignores doesn't happen. Somehow I suspect this story will continue to fall between the cracks. Meanwhile though, let's take Hale at his word. If "Javers receives the same amount of attention as any other reporter that calls us," then any reporter should be able to call and demand a round of 18 holes at Bretton Woods--not one hole less. Contact Brian Hale and demand your game today!