A Joyce Riley siting, complete with glowing ejaculate

September 22, 2005  ·  Michael Fumento  ·  Weblog

Oh my, Michael!
She's BAAAAAA-CK!!!! It's Joyce Reilly, nurse/ghoul, she of the thousands of dying Desert Storm Vets and their deformed children and fluorescent semen.
It's late here on the left coast and I've been listening to Lars Larson's talk show and there she was, making an unfavorable impression on Lars, flacking depleted uranium this time and complaining about injured and dying veterans as far back as Atom Bomb vets from the 50s. I guess she's hoping for a new dose of attention from a new generation. Sick. Not the vets--Ms. Reilly.

Drennan Lindsay

Dear Drennan,

I should think if you could make pills that would turn semen fluorescent you could make a fortune.

Michael Fumento