Advice & Dissent

It's not too often readers accuse me of not lying, but one has regarding my "Breast Cancer Herceptin Hype" piece. Dear Michael. Please tell me what good came out of your column this morning. All you did was take away any hope women had of recovery. Did you give them an…Read More
From a blogsite posting of November 2: The Truth About Avian Flu Michael Fumento has written an excellent article about the 'avian flu': Actually, this is about my 1998 piece for the Wall Street Journal, as the blogger points out at the end. I guess panics are like fashions…Read More
The only serious harm associated with the mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) vaccine is the risk to the health of children who don't receive it, an international team of investigators announced today. "In particular we conclude that all the major unintended events, such as triggering…Read More
Cindy Sheehan, who may be the only American more desparate for attention than Jesse Jackson and recently compared Hillary Clinton to Rush Limbaugh, says she plans to tie herself to the White House fence to protest the 2,000th death of an American serviceman in Iraq. "I'm going to…Read More
Deltoid's Tim Lambert, a blogger whose ranking has been dropping dramatically over the last year, has a vendetta against me because I've repeatedly made him look like a fool. That's so unfair; after all, making him look like a fool is like shooting blue whales in a coffee cup…Read More