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Well yes, we did as a matter of fact. Took a mere three weeks.Read More
Two items in two days from the Washington Post. In "Military Cites Drawdown in Parts of Iraq" (Dec. 17), we're told "The U.S. military is scaling back combat forces in regions of Iraq's Sunni Triangle that were once fiercely contested, freeing thousands of troops to shift to…Read More
I never thought that Tim Lambert was a mild-mannered respectable blogger until something about Mike Fumento made his brain snap and left him a dysfunctional obessive-compulsive. Sure enough, it turns out he was playing his rude tricks months earlier with Tim Blair, a fellow…Read More
There it is in big, bold red letters on the cover of the December Atlantic Monthly: "Why Iraq Has No Army." The article itself carries the same title. And the contents of the article? Fourteen pages all about Iraq's army.Read More
In my last blog, I noted how Tim Lambert seems to make his living claiming other people are using "sock puppets" (false names) on blogs, even though he does so on his own blog. But Lambert says he has proof. He says he finds that allegedly different entities are using a single…Read More