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In his latest "news analysis," Business Week's Eamon Javers concludes, "The money didn't influence his my writing, he adds. His syndicate, Scripps Howard, felt differently. On Jan. 13 it canceled Fumento's weekly column." So now Javers is telling us what went inside the minds of…Read More
In my Weekly Standard "Fuss and Feathers" piece of 21 November 2005, I ripped the "50% death rate" experts claimed avian flu victims suffered. "First, all avian flu deaths so far have occurred in countries with medical systems that are dismal compared with ours. Would you choose…Read More
Scripps Howard columnist Paul Campos, best known for his columns and book claiming that obesity is actually good for you, is now "weighing in" on terrorism. The University of Colorado law professor labels it a "microscopic risk." Maybe he's looking through the wrong end of the…Read More
I have repeatedly written that efforts to downplay the importance of adult stem cells often go so far as to even deny their existence, even though they've been curing people since the 1950s, now cure or treat over 70 types of cancer, cure or treat myriad other diseases, and are…Read More
Headline: Saints will train in Louisiana By Tim Price, The Associated PressRead More