Advice & Dissent

Cathy Seipp has a commentary in Sunday's LA Times of which I don't entirely approve but nonetheless deserves reading, regarding our earlier back and forth in National Review Online and what brought it all about. What I don't care for: First, it's hard to tell to what extent she's…Read More
Paul Thacker writes in his Jan. 26 article centering on Fox columnist Steve Milloy: "Earlier this month, BusinessWeek Online reported that, in 1999, Scripps Howard columnist Michael Fumento received $60,000 from Monsanto, one of the biotech companies he later covered in his…Read More
I was flacked today by a PR agency declaring in the subject line, "Breast Cancer Doesn't Discriminate" and then stating in the body, "Statistics show that although African American women have a lower rate of breast cancer compared with white counterparts, their mortality rates…Read More
In his Jan. 21 column, "Writers' Opinions for Hire," LA Times media critic Tim Rutten makes a claim against me regarding my dismissal from the Scripps Howard News Service that's both libelous and false. The news of my dismissal from Scripps broke in the January 13 Business Week…Read More
It was 13 years ago, writing in Investor's Business Daily, that I became the first reporter in the country to present evidence that cell phones have no link to brain cancer. Now the biggest study ever on the issue has been released and it finds . . . cell phones have no link to…Read More