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A new breed of witch hunter stalks the land, pretending to be looking for ethical conflicts on the part of individual writers and of organizations. In reality, their "witches" are consistently conservative. The purpose: To cripple their "ability to compete in the realm of ideas…Read More
So writes Tom Giovanneti, president of the Institute for Policy Innovation, in today's National Review Online. Yes, he addresses the attack that stripped away my syndicated column. But Giovanneti knows there's a lot more at stake here. Noting that the Business Week columnist…Read More
When Business Week's Eamon Javers interviewed me for the piece that led to Scripps Howard cowardly pulling the plug on my column, I offered him a bit of advice which he thought so entertaining he couldn't help but insert it. "We're in a witch-hunting frenzy now but, as after all…Read More
For what the left will hate, how it ties into the witch hunts by Business Week's Eamon Javers and the New York Times' Gestapo-ette Sharon Waxman, see Ian Murray's American Spectator piece.Read More
I asked one, a blogger. "Insofar as you've posted my response to Cathy Seipp's piece in NRO, you know that I received a book grant in 1999 that ran out in 2000 and my column began in 2003. Could you please explain to your readers how that makes me a "columnist for hire." His…Read More