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As I noted in my fifth Iraq blog, for all the talk of IEDs, snipers, and ambushes the really scary thing around here is the nightmare of being in transit from anywhere to anywhere else. Michael Yon, who more or less does this sort of thing for a living and has just begun blogging…Read More
I sure learned the hard way about the veracity of the Chinese expression that begins: "Be careful what you wish for . . ." We were told we might encounter the bad guys because you always "might," but by noon yesterday I would be a seasoned combat photojournalist. We joined up at…Read More
The primary enemy of the freelance embedded reporer in Iraq is the incredible amount of lost time caused by military transportion procedures. First, it take takes a full day to fly from the United States to Kuwait. Okay, that's not the military's fault. But then you have to stay…Read More
We went on yet another patrol yesterday, but each is different than the one before. For one, while we always go on foot, this time the Humvees came along for fire support. A number of Marines had been killed in the area. But there would be no action this time. What was most…Read More