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Hello friend, It has been a great comfort to me to find your website. My son is serving in Iraq at Camp Ramadi with the 1st Armored Division. We never hear of them in the news. He does not write and rarely phones. His wife is at his home base in Friedberg Germany and she does…Read More
According to an article in today's Washington Times, "One retired officer attendee at a closed-door conference last spring at Fort Carson, Colo. made notes and e-mailed his minutes of the session to other officers. The notes say there was general agreement on one issue: the…Read More
Despite MSM-fed rumors to the contrary, there obviously was no Fallujah-style sweep into Ramadi. What did happen was that First Brigade, First Armored Division came to town from Kuwait. They quickly established no fewer than five Forward Operating Bases, which greatly bolsters…Read More
"Scientists OK Gore's Movie for Accuracy," declares the title of an AP story run by the Washington Post and countless other newspapers and news websites. The film, "An Incovenient Truth," tries to document both the actuality of man-made global warming and the incredible harm it…Read More
. . . it was a bit like going to Ramadi. You had to be there to believe it. I liked the odds, three of them against me. Along with Franken, there was Paul Rieckhoff, the executive director and founder of the leftie Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and Jane Arraf, a press…Read More