Advice & Dissent

In my Weekly Standard article The New Band of Brothers, I wrote of the courage and professionalism of 19 Navy SEALs in Ramadi whom I tagged along with and photographed and filmed during a firefight. Now there are 18. Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marc Alan Lee has died a…Read More
Probably the most important disinformation spread by embryonic stem cell research proponents (and hence opponents of the far-more-advanced adult stem cell research) is that ASCs can't become any type of cell other than what they normally would become. That is, a marrow or blood…Read More
Dennis Samson of the 1/506th, 101st Airborne, has been laid to rest in Hesperia, Michigan after being hit by small arms fire at an observation post at Camp Corregidor, Ramadi. OP duty is boring and absolutely vital. These are the eyes of the unit. They watch for bad guys burying…Read More
Worries that avian flu would combine with human flu to become a pandemic human strain have been knocked down more than a notch by the failure of scientists to succeed in doing so intentionally, much less through the happenstance that occurs in the wild. According to the…Read More
Was a time when fasting at the very least meant eating less. But while our soldiers are sacrificing their lives for freedom, their detractors don't seem to be too keen on sacrificing anything at all. Thus we have the Cindy Sheehan "hunger strike," which allows smoothies, coffee…Read More