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Shortly before I arrived in Ramadi in April, photographer Toby Morris was shot by a sniper in both legs as he stood in the middle of the street to take a photo. Now Joe Talley of TA Productions has been shot through the ribcage with the round popping out his chest. Fortunately…Read More
Since 1993 I have been arguing that Gulf War Syndrome, or "Gulf Lore Syndrome" as I titled one of my articles, is a myth. I wrote almost 30 articles on the subject. And I received the sort of invective you'd expect, questioning my patriotism and loyalty to the troops for putting…Read More
The blogsite Dean's World suggests that I agree with nutcase Peter Duesberg that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. A simple Google search reveals I think he's a crank and that HIV most certainly causes AIDS. So I tried to leave a comment saying so but Dean's World makes you register. Okay…Read More
Well, that's the good news. The bad news is because you already have it. Or so says a t-shirt on a man shown on the front page of the Sunday Washington Post. Specifically, it reads: "We all have AIDS." So toss the condoms, forget about abstinence and all that. Of course, I feel…Read More
In its effort to push "World Trade Center Syndrome," though it never actually uses that term, the New York Post tells us of an allegedly dying nun who attended to victims of the 9/11 attacks and "now suffers from asthma, reactive airways dysfunction syndrome, chronic obstructive…Read More