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When Joe Katzman invited me to blog on his site, "Winds of Change," I happily accepted. Mine is a hybrid site that emphasizes articles over my blog so I thought it would be a chance for good additional exposure. Alas, it turns out that Katzman cares naught for truthfulness but…Read More
I've updated this blog so many times, including just now, that I'm reposting it with the latest material. You haven't seen the material at the end (assuming you've even seen the material at the beginning) and - what the heck - you might as well watch the blast video again. In an…Read More
Newsweek International in its 22 January edition says of the Atala amniocentesis stem cell paper in Nature Biotechnology, "What's more, the stem cells are also found in the placenta, which is thrown away after birth - so doctors may obtain them from all infants, not just those…Read More
A reader wrote in to the "Public Editor," an online ombudsman at the The New York Times, asking why a study of the potential of amniotic stem cells (and their potential to make embryonic stem cell research obsolete) didn't appear in the newspaper, notwithstanding write-ups on the…Read More
It's enough to make you arf. The obesity epidemic has now gone to the dogs. We've got chubby Chihuahuas; fat foxhounds, pot-bellied poodles, butterball beagles, porcine pit bulls, and rotund Rottweilers. Labradors need liposuction. Read why in my latest article in the American…Read More