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My unpublished letter to the Washington Post: "Scientists Use Skin To Create Embryonic Stem Cells," reads the p. A1 article by Rick Weiss in the June 7, 2007 Post, sub-headed "Discovery Could Recast Debate." Discovery? Then what of another Post A1 article by Rick Weiss titled…Read More
Blackfive blogs that on July 28, 2007 there will be a 5 K Run "Heroes Run" in honor of Cpt. Travis Patriquin, Maj. Megan McClung, and Spc. Vincent Pomante, all KIA Ramadi Dec. 6 of last year. To be held in Lockport, Ill., it will benefit the Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Fund…Read More
Weekly Standard Afghan CoverAs I relate in my piece "The Other War" in the new issue of The Weekly Standard, wherever I was in Afghanistan I heard the same refrain: "This war is winnable." Implicit is that it's also losable; but what they really mean is winnable in comparison to…Read More
I personally have repeatedly scored the MSM for wanting to write about nothing but The Car Bomb of the Day and ignoring hearts-and-minds projects. Now I realize that while the MSM still deserve scorn, perhaps things aren't quite as black and white as I thought. In preparing my…Read More
As the months go by the chances of an avian flu pandemic diminish, as does the potential severity if there is such a pandemic. Among recent developments: The FDA has approved the Sanofi-Aventis H5N1 avian flu vaccine. It is not as effective as seasonal flu vaccines; moreover, two…Read More