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"Breast Cancer Link to Racial Discrimination" No doubt that Reuters headline pleases demagogues who would have us think every problem blacks have is due to persistent racism. The headline comes from a study conducted at Howard University in Washington, D.C. and published in the…Read More
Okay, it took me awhile considering my embed in Afghanistan's Zabul Province, documented in my article "The Other War" in The Weekly Standard, was in April. Ever wonder what a massive 120 millimeter mortar looks like in action? I've been on the wrong side of these bad boys on…Read More
From 1st Lt. Kevin Stofan, commander, FOB Mizan, Zabul Province, Afghanistan I have not been able to contact you since I have been away. I was up at FOB Baylough with some of my platoon to help reinforce our brothers up there. It is real rough up there. Daily rocket, mortar…Read More
I just came across a letter to the National Post from the ambassadors of France, Spain, and Germany protesting an article of mine from March 22, 2007, but it repeats a theme I've re-emphasized quite recently. With the sole exception of the UK none of the major NATO nations will…Read More
In my Weekly Standard article, "The Other War," I wrote that only six NATO countries authorized their forces to fight. That's as opposed to ground forces that may find themselves on the defensive. It turns out that I should have listed a seventh, Denmark. Reader Mark Collins sent…Read More