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Barack Obama is taking heat from the right over his comments that if elected president he wouldn't hesitate to attack al Qaeda in Pakistan to disrupt its safe havens. But give Obama this, he is the first candidate (that I know of) who has called the Pakistanis to task for…Read More
What makes you fat? Eating cheesy-poofs while watching Sex in the City reruns? Wolfing down a Wendy's "Baconator," comprising a double cheeseburger with six strips of bacon that could feed everyone in Darfur for a week? How about when you get the urge to exercise you lie down…Read More
Remember the Lancet study in 2004 claiming that "about 100,000 excess deaths, or more have happened since the 2003 invasion of Iraq," and that "Violence accounted for most of the excess deaths and air strikes from coalition forces accounted for most violent deaths?" I wrote on…Read More
In the film "Home of the Brave," a soldier who lost her hand in Iraq is asked if she underwent physical rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. "Yeah, Walter Reed," she says. "Talk about tough Americans." Tough Americans, indeed. When I visited that same ward the first…Read More
Back in May, Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf, as one paper put it, "insisted that Pakistan was the only country that had a military, political, developmental and administrative strategy to defeat extremism." "I would tell everyone: Come and learn from us," he said…Read More