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In the Toyota witch hunt, nothing has been more damning than those deaths we're told Toyota sudden acceleration "allegedly caused" or, depending on whom you read, DID cause. As I note in my just-published Forbes magazine article, "93 and Counting," the National Highway Traffic…Read More
I can't count how many people sent me items about how NHTSA says the whole Toyota Tempest has now been determined by the government to have been driver error. Hallelujah! Case closed! Wrong. The ruckus began with a Wall Street Journal pieces with the unfortunately ambiguous…Read More
I need a volunteer to scroll through a section of NHTSA complaints to come up with about 100 truly bizarre ones. I'll send the file in Excel format, which can be read in Excel, Apple's spreadsheets, or in Open Office which is free. I'll give more guidance on what I'm looking for…Read More
The king is dead. More accurately, Larry King is hanging up his suspenders after 25 years on TV interviewing essentially everybody who was anybody. His secret? A studio that "felt less like a hot seat than a warm bath," as one critic put it. But by letting his guests spout off…Read More