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New scientific discoveries keep eating away at the prophecy that "bird flu," avian influenza type H5N1, will become readily transmissible from human to human and unleash a disastrous pandemic. This leaves little but rhetoric and those big, terrifying, huge, terrifying (Did I…Read More
First, Britney Spears, who is literally paid millions of dollars to be in shape, cannot do so. (It's not like she's a singer or anything.) I'd just die for a body like she had. Um, well, you get my drift. Her next song should be "Feed Me Baby One More Time." I'm reminded of a…Read More
Okay, not exactly. Last December one blogger whose website was devoted entirely to avian flu predicted a 50-50 chance of a pandemic within the next year. I offered the blogger and any other taker not 2 to 1 odds but rather 10 to 1 odds that it wouldn't happen. Curiously, each…Read More
"To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals." So observed Benjamin Franklin centuries ago. But Franklin didn't comment on whether food intake restriction worked by keeping people thin or by making them thin. Indeed, it's become a mantra of the "size acceptance" groups that there's no…Read More
Dear Mr. Fumento: I just read your article regarding the Lancet article and your comments about Tim Lambert and his web site, Deltoid. Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor asked me to view the site and comment when they opened a new section dealing with Rachel Carson. I foolishly tried to…Read More